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How to Look Your Best in Photographs - Detroit Modeling and Acting Jobs

How to Look Your Best in Photographs

Being photogenic often comes natural to beautiful models, but it can also be practiced.  But how does a model go about looking better in photos?  One of the first things to consider when trying to improve your natural look on camera is to spend plenty of time in front of the mirror.

Looking at yourself in different poses with different facial expressions will improve your camera sense.  Your muscle memory will help you hold the pose that you would consider your best look.  Doing this in front of the mirror will make you aware of how you look.  It sounds weird, but it the long run it will pay off.

Recognize when your eyes are over-rotating, and elongate your neck to simulate height and poise.  Your eyes can be a huge perk or a huge distraction in your photos.  If you are looking dazed, confused, or goofy, the picture will simply not be good.  The white part of your eye is considered the most unappealing part to look at, so do your best to rotate your eyes enough so that you only see the beautiful colors.  If you over-rotate, the whites of your eyes will be more visible and will take away from photos.

Elongating your neck is one of the hardest things to remember with so much going on during shoots, but it is very important.  Stand in the mirror and look at yourself.  Stand normally, then roll your shoulders back to make your face come forward.  It’s a simple trick that will make you instantly look slimmer and more poised.

Industry Tips

Pick a model and study what they have done.  Start from the beginning of their career, and work your way to the present.  What routes did they take?  You might notice that there are thousands of different modeling opportunities that you didn’t know about.

Starting small and modest is the best way to achieve long term goals.  Don’t be upset right away if you don’t land the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition in your first year in the industry. Take it step by step and accept every small and big modeling job that you feel comfortable with.

Prepare yourself.  Practice your runway walk, poses, and different expressions in the mirror.  Study industry trends so that you can keep up with what casting directors want.  At the end of the day, if you have the look and work ethic that directors are looking for, you will have a good shot at success!

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