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Voice Actors Needed for an Animated Movie - Detroit Modeling and Acting Jobs

Voice Actors Needed for an Animated Movie


An animated sci-fi movie has entered its final stages of production. The company is now hiring enthusiastic actors for voice over of animated characters. Some of these characters are human avatars; which means that the casting directors will keep the same actor for the animated version of the movies as well as the live character in the series.

Hiring Terms and Conditions

  • Non-union.

  • Paid/negotiated/unpaid audition

  • The selected individuals will be called to audition

  • The description of characters is given below.

  • There are two phases of the auditions. This is to optimize the time of everyone and provide ample opportunity for preparation and direction.

  • The second phase and the final recording will be done at audio recording studio to be named

  • In the first phase of the auditions, limited sides will be supplied alongside direction.

    • Later on the talent will have to make an audio recording and submit it.

    • The submission audio recordings can be made at office or home and are not required to be of professional quality

    • A link will be given to upload the AIF or WAV recording file to the company using through a swift internet connection.

  • In the second phase, only the accepted submissions will be invited to come in person and have an interactive session at the studio where you will audition in person as well as meet the directors.

    • The date and time of the audition will be kept after mutual consensus.

    • Further information will be provided later on.

Requirements for Talent

The company is seeking actors who have previous acting experience, but it is not mandatory that the actors have a voice over experience with animated characters. However, it is preferable because such an experience will help create real life, and believable characters.

Animated Character Description

Please note that all of the following roles are off camera voice over for 3D animated characters. All of these characters will remain animated even in the series.

  1. Argon

Argon (age 30 – 46 years) is a robotic character that used to be quite attractive once. Brilliant yet a bit eccentric, this feminine scientist suffered a tragic incident in which she lost her body. But her remarkable mind recovered successfully and was placed within another robot function system. An actor is required who seems to have a voice that which closely matches the sound of the original body. The voice will be augmented slightly with the help of digital color.

  1. Robo

Robo is Argon’s assistant. She is also a female robot who is intuitive, insightful and smart. Designed by Argon, she is supposed to work as a personal assistant to Argon. The age of Robo is 26 – 40 years. Robo is not only designed in a way to carry out professional tasks but also provides a caring support and personal protective friendship to its maker. She has a warm-hearted personality, yet can turn extremely violent and pugnacious if something happens to her maker.

  1. A Grey Alien called “Filos”

Filos is a grey alien that adopts a North American accent whenever communication with the humans or human avatars is required. The character is sharp, brainy and intuitive. An interesting yet believable voice is required for this role. There are no specific gender requirements for this role; female, male or homogenous would do. A sexual orientation which is indistinguishable will be ideal for the alien role, but it is not mandatory. There is no restriction on age, but the actor should have a mature voice.

  1. A human society computer system avatar called “Simon”

The communication interface for the central system of computers is referred to as “Simon”. Simon is intelligent, astute and intuitive. An interesting yet believable voice is required for this role. There are no specific gender requirements for this role; could be homogenous, female or male. A sexual orientation which is indistinguishable will be ideal for the alien role but it is not mandatory yet it should be asexual and non-gay sounding. Mature voice belonging to a varied age group is required.

Character Description of 3D Animated Avatars Representing Humans

** The following five roles are animated and off camera voice over only for 3D animated avatars which shall represent living humans. However, the animated feature film is also a pilot for a new series. Therefore, the selected individuals will also be required for on screen camera action in the future. The auditions will be conducted keeping this perspective in view. **

  1. Commissioner Varns

He is 36 – 48 years old who is attractive, physically fit and extremely smart. He is either a brown skinned Asian or belongs to a mixed brown race. He is also quick and astute.

  1. Commissioner Colong

She is a mature, youthful and attractive character who is either a light skinned Asian or a Caucasian. She is quick to act and shrewd. Colong is aged 34 – 42 years.

  1. Commissioner Xavier

He is a youthful, attractive, fit, mature and incisive character that is aged 34 – 40 years. He is a male Caucasian (or other) who is pompous and full of himself. The character has a sense of humor.

  1. Commissioner Lazern

Lazern is a smart, attractive, physically fit, mature and youthful female character who belongs to a mixed/exotic/black race. She is aged 28 – 38 years. She is the lead commissioner who takes her job seriously.

  1. Commander Kelly Briggs

He is the commander of a small defense and secure human colony. He is aged 30 – 45 years. He is attractive, smart and athletic.

Submission Guidelines

  • In the 1st phase auditions will be conducted.

  • The subject line should be titled as “feature talent submission”

  • Clearly specify the character that you are applying for.

Apply Now

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

  • I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I may be contacted by phone and/or text, at the number provided above, including my wireless number if provided, by a representative of Nine9 regarding my interest in modeling/acting opportunities. I understand these calls may be generated using an automated technology. I understand that consent to be contacted is not a condition of registration and I agree to the privacy policy.

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