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Movie Jobs and Auditions - Detroit Modeling and Acting Jobs

Movie Jobs and Auditions

Actors in Michigan have had a tough time finding any jobs that could potentially launch their career in the entertainment business. Recently with the Michigan Film Incentive, there have been all kinds of Michigan Movie Jobs Popping up all over the great state. It seems in terms of the quality of jobs for actors, Michigan went from zero to hero in a hurry, and the actors of Michigan could not be more pleased with the results. Michigan now has the country’s number one film incentive, this gives up to 42 percent cash rebate to those who produce their movies within the state line.

Already, three new major studios have begun construction in Michigan. With the entertainment business taking much more interest in the state, more movies and TV shows have been making Michigan their new favorite place for shooting. People have already seen movies shot in Michigan gain great success, such as the Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino. Eastwood had planned on shooting the film in Minneapolis, but when he heard of the Michigan tax incentive the film quickly changed their shooting location to Detroit. Michigan has gone from movie jobs being a rarity, to having movies and TV shows being shot in the area all year around. So there has never been a better time than now to get your acting career started, or to finally make a name for yourself in the industry.

Most actors new to the business should seek out help in finding jobs through an agency or a casting company. Both have small differences in how they operate, but they are both achieving the same thing. They will make sure you are prepared for the day you have a movie audition by giving tips in auditioning, and make sure you have your head-shots and reels looking top notch and professional. The more auditions you make it out too, the better chance you have at reaching your goals as a professional actor and landing movie jobs in Michigan.

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